Installation to Maintenance

When installed properly, cement tiles will last for generations to come. Use these tips as a helpful guide to installing your tiles. The beauty of the handmade process results in subtle variations in color and pattern. As a result of production process, a chalky residue appears on the raw uninstalled tiles, some light shadowing due to moisture absorption that will remain after installation - all are inherent part of the tile, which will dry to their perfect ordered color a few days after installation. Exterior applications may experience some fading over time due to UV exposure and this is more prominent in the blue and green colors.
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Planning the Layout

The appeal of handcrafted tiles is their individual beauty, which means slight color variations may occur from piece to piece. In order to disperse this variation, we recommend taking your tiles out of the box and laying them out (a dry layout) prior to installation.
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Preinstallation Cleaning and Sealing

Cement tiles must be installed on a well-levelled, clean, and dry surface. Due to its natural raw state, cement tiles are quite porous. This means that in order to protect your tiles from absorbing liquid and staining, they must be treated with penetrating sealant wherever they are installed.
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Laying the tiles

Apply the adhesive evenly on the surface the tile is being laid on, using a large-toothed comb trowel. Also apply adhesive on the back of the tile (double-bonding).
Placing the tiles with your hands – without hammering – leaving a thin gap (1 or 2 mm, thickness of a filling-knife) for the joint.
It is recommended to use a wet saw with diamond blade for best results in cutting the tiles.
Once the tiles are installed and the cement adhesive dry, clean the surface by using a sponge & clean water to remove the thin layer of pigmented dust that can still cover the tiles.
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Always buy the grouting mixture only from manufacturer along with the tiles for proper matching of shade grout with that of the tile.
Once Installed, tiles need to rest for 24 hours before applying the grout.
Fill the joints between the tiles using a fine plastic scraper without spreading the grout on tiles. Use a rubber grout float for clean spreading. Ensure that each part of the joints with the colour which matches that part of the tile, and press it into the joint.
Any extra grout must be cleaned immediately with a wet sponge.
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The tiles should be polished with an Italian polishing machine (machine without undue vibration) at least a week after laying
The first coat of polishing is the most important one i.e., the curing/levelling coat and should be done using No.1 polishing stones (Surie Polex Synthetic alone or equivalent). Avoid using No. O stone unless the tiles are very hard. Make sure that only new sets of stone of same height are used
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Cement tiles improves with age and with proper cleaning. The tiles should be regularly washed with mild soap and water. Usage of bleach or acidic products to clean the tiles is not suggested, use only pH neutral cleaners.
Whether the flooring is put to use or not, Tiles cleaning is recommended immediately after final polishing of the tiles.
Aposh Tiles will not be responsible for improper installation of cement tiles, please consult with a professional contractor who is familiar with installing come
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Carry out enough grinding to make sure

A. The tiles es should be perfectly levelled, and no cement deposits are seen at joints
B. The exposure of the terrazzo (chips) should be even.
After 1st coat of polishing, if any tiny pinholes appears, they should be thoroughly grouted using grout mix to match the colour on the tiles.
Grouting is to be left for a minimum of 4-6 days and cured with water before the tiles are subjected to the second coat of polishing using No.2 stone followed by Nos. 3, 4, 5X i.e., fine stone
Customers are requested to seek advice in case of special designs with respect to special care or instructions that are required to be taken.
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